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Steel components produced via powder metallurgy (P/M) technologies have increased due to the lower production costs the technology can achieve, however the use tends to be limited to non-structural engine components. To enlarge the range of possible components, researchers are investigating ways to increase the static and dynamic mechanical properties of ferrous P/M components manufactured by axial pressing and belt-furnace sintering. Researchers focus on developing new ferrous P/M alloys (low alloyed P/M powders) to improve mechanical properties, with particular attention to fatigue resistance. This includes new formulations of water-atomized P/M steels combined with admixed alloying elements to optimize the final chemistry for mechanical properties while minimizing the reduction in compressibility induced by the presence of alloying elements. Standard samples of powders and P/M parts based on the new formulations developed will be manufactured in the laboratory and at industrial facilities to ensure the powders are appropriate for industrial handling and pressing. Following these procedures, the project will concentrate on characterizing the mechanical properties of the newly developed P/M systems using rotating bending fatigue and three-point bending fatigue tests on samples produced in both the laboratory and an industrial environment.

Laboratoire de métallurgie des poudres de l'université Laval - Faculté des sciences et de génie
1718, Pavillon Adrien-Pouliot Université Laval Québec G1K 7P4
Telephone : 418 656-2131  Fax : 418 656-5343  Email : carl.blais@gmn.ulaval.ca
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